DO – give loads of praise for successfully using the potty.

DON’T – tell your child off if they fail or have a poo as soon as you put a nappy back on.

DO – make training fun. Let you child read a favourite book while on the potty, use a reward sticker system or even give them the occasional sweetie.

DON'T – embarrass your child by broadcasting their potty training exploits to your friends when he's in earshot. If he's going to shout about it, he'll do it himself.

DO – make a big deal out of buying 'big boys' underpants' or 'big girls' knicks'. Let them choose them so they'll really enjoy wearing them.

DON'T – put pressure on your child to go to the toilet before you leave the house. They don’t yet have an on / off tap. Also, the last thing you want is a power struggle!

DO – let your toddler follow you to the toilet if they want to. Children learn by imitating their parents and will only feel comfortable using the toilet if you are.